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E-Max Veneer

Besides being an extremely aesthetic application, it is also a popular application due to its longevity. It is one of the best options for removing disorders especially in front teeth. However, this does not mean that it is only used in front teeth. It is also used safely in posterior teeth (excluding bridges).

  • Zirconium Crowns
    Zirconium Crowns

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  • Dental Implant
    Dental Implant

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  • E-Max crowns  (Cad Cam Sirona Desing)
    E-Max crowns (Cad Cam Sirona Desing)

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What is E-Max Veneer?

E-Max Veneer: Special ceramics are used in dentistry to give patients realistic, natural-looking smiles. Unlike other dental restoratives, IPS E-Max is a ceramic material that combines strength and beauty. All-ceramic dental restorations do not contain metal. Therefore, the light can shine through them, as in natural teeth. High aesthetic and natural appearance, • Long-lasting quality, • Color diversity, • Compatibility with the human body.

In which cases is E-max Veneer applied?

Yellowed Teeth: Say goodbye to your yellowed teeth with E-Max veneers. E-Max veneers are transparent and offer new teeth with excellent esthetics to replace your unimaginable teeth without protection against breakage and bending.

Curved Teeth: E-Max is a preferred treatment type for aesthetic teeth, especially for the anterior region, restoring the structure and shape of crooked teeth. It gives optimum aesthetic results while designing smile aesthetics in the anterior region.

Root Canal Treated Teeth: Teeth with root canal treatment tend to be brittle and fragile. E-Max veneers are also a good option for the repair of weak teeth that have undergone this type of root canal treatment and have a fragile structure, in addition to the aesthetic perfection they provide.

Broken Teeth: Teeth that have been broken due to extensive dental caries or trauma can also be treated with E-Max dental veneers.



Reasons for Preferring E-max Veneer Teeth:

In its routine, porcelain crown/bridge structure is a metal alloy. These metal porcelain crowns/bridge prostheses create a gray effect when they are on the special anterior teeth. It’s like the gums are greyed. For this product, the metal alloy in the substructure of real porcelain veneers will go in the way of the gums. It is also likely to be in the lower hardware. The use of zirconium / E-Max crown / bridge prostheses from my son due to these aesthetic problems. In full porcelain, the veneers can be built in a white way, from a plan in the infrastructure, as in a school. Separate

Why Zirconium and E max Prostheses Look More Aesthetic than Metal Supported Prostheses?

The infrastructure of routinely applied porcelain crown/bridge prosthesis is a gray metal alloy. These metal-supported porcelain crown/bridge prostheses create a gray reflection in the gingival area, especially when applied on anterior teeth. The gums appear grayed out. The reason for this appearance is the accumulation of metal alloy in the substructure of porcelain veneers by dissolving in the gingival area over time. In addition, because the infrastructure is metal, the light transmittance of the porcelain decreases and these restorations (veneers) appear in a dull matte color. Due to these aesthetic problems, the use of zirconium/E-Max crown/bridge prostheses has increased in recent years. In full porcelain dentures, veneers can be made entirely of porcelain material without a substructure, or it can be made using a white base. In addition, since the light transmittance of full porcelain restorations is very close to natural tooth enamel, they create a more natural and aesthetic appearance.

E-Max Porcelain Advantages

One of its best aspects, an aesthetic look. Don’t be swayed by the other metal. There is no purplish color formation on the gingiva and the edges of the teeth.

Another feature is that it does not give tooth extraction. It is one of the most compatible structures with the substances it contains.

It does not appear matte because it has light transmittance.

Reaching the colors. Its exterior is slippery and under renovation. Dental care is minimal.

Slippery transport is no problem in tartar formation. This also happens in the formation of gingival etiologies.

E-Max Veneer

Zirconium crowns are made professionally with the latest technology by our specialist physicians.
Our products are the German product Vita brand.

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