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Dental Filling

Cosmetic Dental Turkey fills with only the best quality white composite materials sourced from the best dental suppliers. Gone are the days of using amalgam fillings, so we no longer use those ugly shiny gray Fillings that prevent you from smiling or grinning widely. The material used by the clinics is a combination of synthetic resin and glass powder. This blend provides a great cosmetic result while combining durability with longevity to protect your dental health. Clinics have a full range of colors to match your new filling to your surrounding tooth. Essentially, no one will notice that you have a filling.

  • Dental Filling
    Dental Filling

    During the free diagnostics, our specialist will detect.

  • Consultation

    We ask you to send the pictures we want and your xray film, if any.

  • Xray

    state-of-the-art xray and tomography available in our clinic

    from free

Dentist Consultation ( Free )

Please send photos exactly like the examples to the left, we requıre these photos so our dental team can access themfor your treatment plan.

ONLİNE CONSULTATİON! Free dental check-up from Monday to Sunday!

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