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Zirconium Crowns - Full Veneers

Zirconium crowns made with Amazing Smile Turkey are a german product vita brand.
Our crowns are 7 Guaranteed.
Your guarantee certificate will be given in our clinic.

What is Zirconium Crowns (Zirconium Teeth)?

It is a white alloy used instead of gray metal, which is the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and prostheses. It is the crown that is used as an original to your teeth in the most natural and healthy way for many years.

What are the aesthetic advantages of zirconium teeth?

Thanks to its transparency, the natural appearance of the teeth is provided. The enamel of healthy teeth is translucent. Metals, which are the substructure of classical porcelain crowns, cause an opaque appearance. This causes the teeth to look dull and artificial. However, this is prevented with zirconia coating. You can use it on your teeth for many years without any problems, just like your own.

How do the Zirconium Crowns adjust to the gums?

Zirconium crowns are a tissue compatible material. After the use of metal-supported prostheses, the purplish discoloration of the gums seen in the neck of the tooth never occurs. They do not cause gingival recession. If gingival recession occurs due to improper brushing, zirconia crowns do not create an unaesthetic appearance.

Can zirconia crown be applied to those with metal allergies?

Since the zirconia crown does not contain metal, it does not cause metal allergies.

Will zirconium crowns cause a bad taste or oral malodor in my mouth?

They do not cause taste changes in the mouth. If you clean your teeth regularly, it will not cause bad breath.

​ Will Zirconium Crowns cause a change in the color of the teeth in the future?

Since their surface is smooth and non-porous, they do not cause plaque buildup. Therefore, they are not discolored because of coffee, tea, and cigarette, and therefore, their color is preserved.

How should I care for my zirconium crowns?

Zirconium crowns are brushed like natural teeth. Dental floss should be used for their care, and super floss should be used for toothless areas. It is recommended to use a mouthwash.

For how long can I use the zirconium crowns?

If you use it regularly, you can use it for years without any problems like your own teeth. Since teeth are living tissue, you can observe changes in their shape over time due to wear and tear. These changes are not observed in zirconium crowns.

Will I feel any pain during the zirconium crown treatment?Zirconium crown procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Your treatment ends without feeling any pain.

Zirconium crown procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Your treatment ends without feeling any pain.

How long does zirconium crown treatment take?

With patients who have healthy gums, the treatment is completed within a week. Upon the request of the patient, it is possible to have several try-in sessions until both the dentist and the patient are pleased with the result.

Is fracture or falling off of the zirconium crowns frequently seen?

Fractures or cracks may form after being subjected to excessive force but this is nearly as possible as with natural teeth. They can be almost completely treated in the clinic environment. The crown may fall off if there is a great deal of substance loss in the tooth over time due to decay. In such cases, the tooth is treated if possible and the crown is installed again.

Can zirconium crowns be installed to those who have gingival diseases?

Zirconium crowns can be installed after any existing gingival disease is treated.

  • Zirconium Crowns
    Zirconium Crowns

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    Dental Implant

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  • E-Max crowns  (Cad Cam Sirona Desing)
    E-Max crowns (Cad Cam Sirona Desing)

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Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium crowns are made professionally with the latest technology by our specialist physicians.
Our products are the German product Vita brand.

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