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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the inner part of the affected tooth, pulp dies and/or becomes infected.
Root canal treatment is the treatment to prevent your tooth from causing pain.

It removes any signs of infection in the canals, thus allowing you to preserve your original tooth longer. In some cases, if the teeth are out of alignment and a Smile Makeover is planned, further preparation of the tooth may be required than adjacent teeth so that it can be realigned without any risk of future sensitivity.
As a cosmetic dental turkey team, we use the best technology in root canal treatments.

Note: A single tooth may have one, two or three canals, depending on the position of the tooth in your mouth. Depending on the number of teeth and the result of your dental x-ray, one or more canals may require treatment.

  • Root Canal Treatment
    Root Canal Treatment

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  • Aesthetic Filling
    Aesthetic Filling

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  • Teeth whitening with laser
    Teeth whitening with laser

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