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Sinus lift is a surgical procedure that is usually used in cases where there is not enough bone volume for implant surgery in the upper jaw area. The amount of bone in the upper jaw area, especially in the parts where the posterior teeth are located, may be insufficient. This condition can prevent the successful placement of the implants and affect the long-term stability of the implants.


Sinus lift aims to raise the sinus floor by adding bone grafts into the sinus cavity. This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, and the surgeon provides access through the mouth or through a gum incision to reach the sinus cavity. After the sinus floor is raised, a bone graft is placed in this area and a sufficient amount of bone is created in the area where the implants will be placed. Sinus lift is important for the successful performance of implant surgery because the long-term stability of implants cannot be achieved without proper bone support. A sinus lift also aims to stop or reduce bone loss along the jawbone.


The healing process after a sinus lift can usually take several months. In this process, time is required for the bone graft to merge with the sinus floor and for sufficient bone volume to form. During the healing process, it is important for patients to pay attention to their diet and follow the instructions recommended by the surgeon. In addition, it may be necessary to wait for an appropriate time for the successful placement of the implants. In conclusion, sinus lift is an important step for the successful implementation of implant surgery. When performed by a specialist surgeon, a sinus lift can ensure the long-term stability of implants and ensure that patients get the maximum benefit from their dental implants.


Sinus lift can be done using different techniques. These include the internal sinus lift and the external sinus lift. The insider approach is usually performed by placing the graft through the implant bed into the sinus cavity to provide direct access to the sinus floor. The external approach, on the other hand, involves reaching the sinus floor by creating an access point from the outside of the jawbone. A sinus lift may be combined with additional surgical procedures in certain circumstances. For example, implant placement can be performed at the same time as bone grafting. This allows patients to benefit from both sinus lift and implant placement in a single surgical procedure and can shorten the overall recovery time.


A sinus lift should be performed by a specialist dentist or oral surgeon. It is important for patients considering this procedure to consult with their dentist to assess their condition and get information about appropriate treatment options. Before the procedure, the general health status and oral conditions of the patients are evaluated and the appropriate treatment plan is determined. In conclusion, sinus lift is an important step for the successful implementation of implant surgery. When done properly, it can help patients get the maximum benefit from their dental implants and achieve long-term oral health. In the post-procedure period, it is important for patients to fully follow the post-operative instructions and not neglect regular check-ups. This is essential for a successful healing process and long-term success.



Imene Malek Jibet
November 1, 2023

Bonjour je recommande Amazing Smile Turkey les yeux fermés je suis très satisfaite de mon séjour tout c'est passé comme ils m'avaient dit et le résultat et au delà de ce que j'attendais il y a une traductrice sur place qui est adorable ils sont aux petits soins du début à la fin le docteur est super et très a l'écoute l'assistante du Docteur aussi une équipe complète des équipements au top je recommande ++++++ merci Amazing Smile Turkey de m'avoir redonner le sourire 😃

Tounsy Tounsy
June 19, 2022

Amazing smile turkey 👍👍👍 Je recommande vivement cette clinique. j'ai effectuer plusieurs extractions, des implants, et enfin mes couronnes, pour un sourire parfait 😁👌 Equipe formidable et professionnel qui vous rassure, répond à tte vos questions. un grand merci à toute l'équipe 👍👌😁

A A Diiriye
January 12, 2023

It was a great experience I was…

It was a great experience I was astonished with the results. Mustafah was really helpful he made everything easy. Booked us hotel and taxi to and from the clinic and airport. Would really recommend great service.

Melanie Harris-Partington
October 31, 2023

I have just finished my smile makeover at Amazing Smile Turkey I can’t recommend them highly enough. The treatments and service they provide is second to none. The staff are friendly, approachable, helpful and knowledgeable. The communication between myself and AST has been great.

February 1, 2024

Expérience exceptionnelle ! je recommande a 100% étant diabetique à insulino dépendant depuis de nombreuses années j'ai pu faire des implants sans complications grâce aux suivis de la clinique. Je suis satisfait du résultat !

Amani Rehmand
September 12, 2022

Brilliant best treatment 100%you need…

Brilliant best treatment 100%you need to come to amazing smile turkey best hygiene best hotel , even catered and cared for my two years old went beyond and above two give me the 100% care. And ask for Ates he’s the best we love him best smile and results to and onur was a brilliant help. My teeth look amazing like this company name and I feel like a celebrity. My dentist ugur is amazing. He make me happy 😃 love heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ There people is kind and very patient. I love them. I had very bad and anxiety and they help me a lot. Thanks a lot for everyone and Amazing Smile Turkey…

Serurity Centre EU
December 12, 2023

L'équipe de support de Facebook !

Nigel Atherton
March 23, 2024

My wife and I are so happy

My wife and I have just returned from Amazing smile, and I can honestly say that this company have worked wonders, from the second we got off the plane, everything was 100% about us. This was our first visit and we both had the all on 6 procedure and temporary teeth fitted, and we both agree that this stage of the transformation has been without doubt a life changing experience already. Onur was our coordinator and was not only helpful, understanding and considerate, he was a gentleman. Any concerns we had he explained and reassured us and we had nothing to worry about, and he was exactly right, We couldn't believe how painless the procedure was and how quickly and professionally the surgeon preformed the treatment, I was having all my teeth removed and was still able to laugh with him, this is how comfortable and relaxed I was. The after care is explained in so much detail and everything is provided to make the recovery trouble free. Please Amazing smile pass on our sincere thanks and gratitude to all. And we can't wait to return and complete our transformation

Mathlouthi Jalel
May 22, 2024

Vraiment top !!!

Vraiment top !!!! Efficacité réactivité hygiène. prise en charge pour tout les transferts super !!! Je recommande

January 12, 2023

Would recommend

Thank you amazing smile turkey for my new teeth! I had a nice holiday too! I thank the doctor for always keeping my pain under control, and giving me comfortable fillings 💗 I especially thank mustafa for the transportation for getting me to the clinic on time for all of my appointments! I also thank him for taking me to the beach and the bazar! Thank you doctor for my perfect perfect teeths!

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