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Dental crowns, also known as dental veneers or dental crowns, are prosthetic restorations used to cover a damaged or weakened tooth. These veneers, which are specially made to fit on the fully visible tooth, improve the strength, protection and appearance of the tooth. They are often used to restore the shape, size, strength, and functionality of a tooth that has been damaged due to decay, fractures, large fillings, or other dental problems. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, metal alloys, or a combination of both. Each type of crown has its own advantages and points to consider, and the choice often depends on factors such as the location of the tooth, the degree of damage, and the patient’s aesthetic preferences.

Porcelain crowns are popular for their ability to mimic the appearance of natural teeth. They can be color-matched to the surrounding teeth, so they are ideal for restoring the front teeth, where aesthetics are at the forefront. Metal-backed porcelain crowns combine the durability of metal with the natural look of porcelain, making them suitable for both front and back teeth. Metal crowns made from gold or other metal alloys are also available. Such crowns are often used on the back teeth because they are considered more suitable in this area due to their durability and longevity. Each type of crown has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to determine the most appropriate option with your dentist.

The placement of dental crowns is usually a multi-step process. First, the dentist evaluates and prepares the damaged or weakened tooth. Next, the dimensions of the tooth are taken and used for making crowns in a special laboratory. This process can usually take several days, during which time a temporary veneer can be applied. At the stage of placing the crowns, the dentist ensures that the new crown is properly placed on the tooth and ligates it appropriately. It is important that the crown fits properly and is compatible with the tooth. Finally, the gums around the crown are properly adjusted, allowing the crown to adapt to the natural teeth.

Dental crowns are an effective solution for restoring damaged or weakened teeth and providing long-term protection. However, regular dental care and dental check-ups are important for crowns to be successful. In this way, crowns can provide durability and effectiveness for many years and contribute to the healthy and beautiful smiles of patients.



Mounir Beldi
June 7, 2024

La clinique Amazing smile turkey ❤️❤️❤️ses une très bonne clinique je vous recommande à tous de venir car il son très courtois et a vôtre service franchement je n'ai pas été déçu il son vraiment merveilleux et un très grand merci a toute leur équipe 💪💪🇹🇷🇹🇷 et le médecin qui m'a suivi depuis le début Merci au Mr burcin

Camille Mym
November 2, 2023

Travail à la perfection j’ai très bien étais accueilli par le personnelle à l’écoute de vos besoin es yeux fermer j’ai découvert cette clinique sur insta

Natalie Jayne
November 27, 2023

Thankyou to Amazing Smile Turkey for my new smile 😃

robert elliott
April 27, 2024

amazing smile turkey

amazing smile turkey had a really good experience , i am a very nervous patient but was put at ease all the way through my treatment and am so happy with the results everything was done to perfection. the transport from airport and to the dentist was really good. i would recommend them completely because i now have an amazing smile.

November 14, 2023

Pour l’instant, le travail n’est pas terminé car pour les Implants il faut attendre minimum quatre mois de cicatrisation. Nous en sommes pour l’instant qu à un mois après arrachage des dents. Tout s’est très bien passé. Le personnel de la Clinique a été aux petits soins avec nous. La clinique est parfaitement propre L’organisation de tout notre séjour a été très bien gérée par l’équipe. Un petit clin d’œil tout particulièrement à Nyresse pour sa bienveillance et sa disponibilité. Un grand merci à tous.

Bri W
August 8, 2023

Amazing smile Turkey is the best they went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my smile

February 10, 2024

Expérience extraordinaire merci à Amazing Smile Turkey pour votre professionnalisme un résultats plus que satisfaisant merci au docteur burcin et toute l équipe également merci Nyresse la traductrice pour sa douceur et son réconfort

Ladislav Rybka
May 6, 2024

From start to finish, the team at Amazing Smile Turkey made sure that every detail was taken care of. They provided prepared transportation from the airport to the hotel, which was conveniently located near many restaurants and the sea. This allowed you to enjoy your free time and explore Antalya. The clinic was modern and the approach to patient care was incredibly personal. You never felt like just one of another patient. The staff knew your needs and always worked to meet your expectations. Even when unexpected events occurred, they were experienced and knew how to handle them, putting you at ease and ensuring your comfort throughout the entire process. This is my feeling about the way to the all-on-six procedure. The team at Amazing Smile Turkey truly went above and beyond to make sure that your experience was nothing short of exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get new teeth.

Nigel Atherton
March 23, 2024

My wife and I are so happy

My wife and I have just returned from Amazing smile, and I can honestly say that this company have worked wonders, from the second we got off the plane, everything was 100% about us. This was our first visit and we both had the all on 6 procedure and temporary teeth fitted, and we both agree that this stage of the transformation has been without doubt a life changing experience already. Onur was our coordinator and was not only helpful, understanding and considerate, he was a gentleman. Any concerns we had he explained and reassured us and we had nothing to worry about, and he was exactly right, We couldn't believe how painless the procedure was and how quickly and professionally the surgeon preformed the treatment, I was having all my teeth removed and was still able to laugh with him, this is how comfortable and relaxed I was. The after care is explained in so much detail and everything is provided to make the recovery trouble free. Please Amazing smile pass on our sincere thanks and gratitude to all. And we can't wait to return and complete our transformation

April 27, 2024

Worst experience ever

Worst experience ever. What should have been a great transformation turned into bad experience. I had to come back 4 times for a broken crown. They are no records of my first visit so they don’t have the original colour of my crown. Which turns into different colours of crowns. The female translator doesn’t do her job and says that it’s my own fault. Whenever you ask a questions she freezes so you have to do it own your own with the doctors as she refuses to ask your questions. She gave me all information about the clinic how bad they were and even gave me information of another clinic to go change my teeths. That’s how much of credibility there is in this clinic. They were not honest from the beginning, take your money and won’t do anything if you are not agreeing on their terms. Even the last time I could not add that I’m not pleased, the documents are filled in that you agree with no other options. Very sad that I have different crowns, lost a lot of money of coming back 4 times … I don’t recommend this clinic.

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