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Metal-porcelain crowns are dental crowns made with a thin porcelain veneer underneath durable metal alloys. These crowns provide an advantage by combining the strength and durability of the metal with the natural appearance of porcelain. Its metal base gives the crown high strength and stability, while the porcelain veneer gives the tooth a natural appearance. Such crowns are often used on the back teeth, since the durability of the metal allows the back teeth to be better protected against large chewing forces. While metal-porcelain crowns can meet the aesthetic requirements of the front teeth, they also meet the durability requirements of the back teeth.


Metal-porcelain crowns offer several advantages. These include durability, longevity, natural appearance, adaptation to tooth color, and improved chewing function. However, since the light transmittance under the metal layer is limited, there may be a situation where the edge around the tooth is visible. In some cases, this may cause an aesthetically undesirable appearance. The placement of metal-porcelain crowns, like other types of crowns, is a process of several steps. First, the dentist prepares the damaged or weakened tooth and takes the appropriate impressions. Then, according to these measurements, metal-porcelain crowns are made in the laboratory. Once the fit of the crown has been checked and adjustments have been made if necessary, the dentist places the crown on the tooth and ties it.


In conclusion, metal-porcelain crowns are a popular dental restoration option that provides durability and aesthetically pleasing results. By discussing your needs and preferences with your dentist, you can determine the most appropriate treatment option. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of metal-porcelain crowns, it seems that these crowns are a viable option for many patients. However, since each patient has different needs, the choice of crowns should be based on the specific situation and preferences of the patient.


The durability and longevity of such crowns allow patients to effectively restore chewing function. In addition, metal-porcelain crowns can adapt to natural teeth and give aesthetically satisfactory results. They can be more cost-effective compared to other types of crowns. However, metal-porcelain crowns also have some disadvantages. Since the light transmittance under the metal layer is limited, it may be the case that the edge around the tooth is visible. This may cause an aesthetically undesirable appearance and may not be preferred, especially in anterior teeth.


In conclusion, metal-porcelain crowns offer many advantages, such as durability, longevity, and aesthetic appearance. However, since each patient is different, the choice of crowns should be carefully considered. Together with your dentist, you can choose the crown option that best suits your needs and achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.



ala aissaoui
May 3, 2023

J’ai longuement hésiter avant de ramener mon père à la Clinique Amazing smile Turkey car c’est pas une décision facile et c’est avec joie et une réelle satisfaction qu’aujourd’hui apres 5 mois le résultat est juste incroyable. Mon père est très satisfait, et moi également. De voir mon père avec ce beau sourire c’est le meilleur des cadeaux Merci à la clinique et à toute l’équipe Plus particulièrement au Dr Burçin, a Mustapha et à notre traductrice Nyresse De la part d’Otmane et Ala Aissaoui

Jesse Ince
March 13, 2023

Since I come to Antalya I have been made extremely welcome by everyone . Ates has been amazing from the beginning making sure I Know what is going on , taking me to various places and also providing me with the information about the procedures . My dentist was absolutely amazing as well as his team I haven’t waited about once and all of the procedures have been pain free and proffesional. Hotel and staff at the Rondin Hotel were very nice as well .

Deborah Mensah
August 26, 2022

My honest review is that Amazing smile are literally perfectionist. I can’t not fault them at all. It was such a great experience. They literally worked past midnight to ensure my smile was perfect & it certainly turned out way better than I expected. I highly highly recommend them

Nigel Atherton
March 23, 2024

My wife and I are so happy

My wife and I have just returned from Amazing smile, and I can honestly say that this company have worked wonders, from the second we got off the plane, everything was 100% about us. This was our first visit and we both had the all on 6 procedure and temporary teeth fitted, and we both agree that this stage of the transformation has been without doubt a life changing experience already. Onur was our coordinator and was not only helpful, understanding and considerate, he was a gentleman. Any concerns we had he explained and reassured us and we had nothing to worry about, and he was exactly right, We couldn't believe how painless the procedure was and how quickly and professionally the surgeon preformed the treatment, I was having all my teeth removed and was still able to laugh with him, this is how comfortable and relaxed I was. The after care is explained in so much detail and everything is provided to make the recovery trouble free. Please Amazing smile pass on our sincere thanks and gratitude to all. And we can't wait to return and complete our transformation

Sallemi Rabah
June 19, 2022

Amazing smile turkey 👍👍👍 Je recommande vivement cette clinique. j'ai effectuer plusieurs extractions, des implant, et enfin met couronne, pour un sourire parfait 😁👌 Equipe formidable et professionnel qui vous rassure, répond à tte vos questions. un grand merci à toute l'équipe 👍👌😁

Kay Moss
October 4, 2022

I had the best experience at Amazing Smile. The staff was so professional. The facility is very clean and sterile. Antalya is a beautiful place. I am very happy with my results

A A Diiriye
January 12, 2023

It was a great experience I was…

It was a great experience I was astonished with the results. Mustafah was really helpful he made everything easy. Booked us hotel and taxi to and from the clinic and airport. Would really recommend great service.

Mariana Haydar
May 21, 2024

Amazing and good job, I’m very happy

January 9, 2023

Would highly recommend 10* Rating

Firstly I’d like to say that all the staff have been excellent, very accommodating and reassuring , I had a full mouth of veneers/crowns with root canals and an extract.. very professional and painless (the root canal was a bit uncomfortable) my dentist was very reassuring and considerate of my pain and was telling me throughout of procedures, for 10+ years I’ve been scared of doing it but now I wouldn’t change it , a day after I’m eating meats and bread etc it’s amazing! A little sensitive but our rep / transfer guy “Ates” was good he got me my medication and made sure I felt comfortable throughout , even took us shooting as a day trip , I would highly recommend this place to anyone thinking about it. And if you choose to I wish you the best of luck! Thank you AST (amazing smile Turkey 🇹🇷)

Absolutely amazing dentist and team

Absolutely amazing dentist and team Finished my treatment today with AST From contacting the team in UK they have been the best , all treatment / work agreed before coming out , confirmations , contracts all drawn up earlier , all my thousand questions was always answered , when arriving in Antalya picked up in a beautiful VIP transfer , Onur is the representative and can not do enough for you . Going through all plans / treatments , time scales and because I was petrified even stays with you the whole time to interpret and translate I can not thank this man enough , the clinic it’s self is spotless and super hygienic the dentists are super professional and amazing at what they do , the whole experience has been amazing and can’t thank/ recommend them enough , I’ve walked away from clinic today so happy and finally full of confidence again , it’s life changing what they can do for you and your self esteem

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