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Dental bridges are fixed dentures used to replace missing teeth. Based on neighboring healthy teeth, they fill the gap of the missing tooth and provide an aesthetic appearance. Dental bridges restore chewing function, prevent teeth from being displaced by filling the space between the teeth, and help maintain the jaw structure. Dental bridges are usually made of ceramic or porcelain material and offer a similar appearance to natural teeth. Bridges consist of artificial teeth that are specially placed in the space between the teeth, and these artificial teeth are fixed by attaching them to neighboring teeth or implants. In this way, it replaces the missing tooth and allows the patient to smile safely.


Dental bridges have several advantages. These include restoring chewing function, providing an aesthetic appearance, correcting speech function and preserving the jaw structure. In addition, dental bridges can help patients protect their teeth and prevent teeth from slipping by filling the space between the teeth. However, dental bridges also have some disadvantages. Adjacent intact teeth may need to be cut to place bridges, which can cause damage to these teeth. In addition, the gums that are under the bridges can be difficult to clean, which can lead to gum disease.


In conclusion, dental bridges are an effective option for replacing missing teeth and restoring a patient’s smile. By talking to your dentist, you can choose the bridge option that best suits your needs and achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. The placement of dental bridges is usually a multi-step process. First, the dentist evaluates the condition of the teeth around the missing tooth and selects the appropriate ones. The selected teeth are prepared and shaped to support the bridge. In this preparation process, some tissue is removed from neighboring intact teeth and a temporary veneer is placed on them.


Then, the measurements of the teeth are taken and a specially prepared bridge is made in the dental laboratory. The bridge consists of artificial teeth as well as durable materials such as metal or porcelain. The bridge is placed in place by the dentist when it suits the patient’s mouth and is permanently attached to the neighboring teeth. After the bridge is placed, the patient’s gums and jaw structure are left to heal. The bridge fills the space between the teeth and replaces the missing tooth, thus allowing the patient to regain chewing function. In addition, the bridge complements the patient’s smile and offers an aesthetic appearance.


Caring for dental bridges includes regular brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups. These measures ensure the long-term durability and effectiveness of the bridge. In addition, it is important to clean the gums that are under the bridge, as this area is a potential area for gum disease to develop. In conclusion, dental bridges are an effective solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring the patient’s smile. Together with your dentist, you can choose the bridge option that best suits your needs and achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.



Julien Morelle
October 21, 2023

Merci Amazing Smille Turkey, super service et accueil ! J’ai maintenant le sourire que j’ai toujours voulu 😍

Paris Hawkins
May 4, 2023

Highly skilled, professionals! The entire team worked as a family to make me very comfortable and welcome! I sincerely recommend this Dental office if you’re considering a smile makeover or investing in your dental health. I could not have imagine this level of confidence and happiness! I haven’t smiled fully in many years. Now… I CANNOT STOP SMILING!!!😁😁😁. ** Ask for Onur and tell him Paris sent you! 💋🫦

Bilgehan Yalman
February 5, 2024

Harika bir klinik implant ve kaplama tedavisi gördüm çok memnun kaldım uzman doktorlar herkes güler yüzlü çok temiz bir klinik herkese tavsiye edicem

Serurity Centre EU
December 12, 2023

L'équipe de support de Facebook !

Amani Rehmand
September 12, 2022

Brilliant best treatment 100%you need…

Brilliant best treatment 100%you need to come to amazing smile turkey best hygiene best hotel , even catered and cared for my two years old went beyond and above two give me the 100% care. And ask for Ates he’s the best we love him best smile and results to and onur was a brilliant help. My teeth look amazing like this company name and I feel like a celebrity. My dentist ugur is amazing. He make me happy 😃 love heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ There people is kind and very patient. I love them. I had very bad and anxiety and they help me a lot. Thanks a lot for everyone and Amazing Smile Turkey…

Karima Frih
July 10, 2024

Merci à amazing smile turkey et toute l’équipe médicale très contente du résultat ! depuis décembre 2023 que j ai connu la clinique , mon mari et moi nous étions satisfaits de nos soins et l accueil du séjour à l’hôtel Rodinn park , c était une occasion de visiter la turquie et la ville d Antalya .🇹🇷

Camille Raimbaud
April 20, 2023

Je suis très contente des soins qui m’ont été fait, nous avons été très bien accueilli. Les transferts Taxi était au top et l’hôtel était incroyable. Je recommande vraiment la clinique amazing smile turkey un sourire ça change la vie

March 22, 2024


Je pourrais vous dire merci 1000 fois !! Merci pour votre accueil chaleureux merci à nyresse la traductrice d'avoir était toujours présente à mes côtés pour me rassurer, répondre au question que je me poser, enfin je vais pouvoir sourire, un travail formidable qui a était fait sur moi j'ai l'impression de rêver!!! Une équipe au top du top je vous recommande grandement encore un GRAND MERCI à amazing smile turkey

October 4, 2022

I had the best experience at Amazing…

I had the best experience at Amazing Smile. The staff was so professional. The facility is very clean and sterile. Antalya is a beautiful place. I am very happy with my results

Melanie Harris-Partington
October 31, 2023

I have just finished my smile makeover at Amazing Smile Turkey I can’t recommend them highly enough. The treatments and service they provide is second to none. The staff are friendly, approachable, helpful and knowledgeable. The communication between myself and AST has been great.

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