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Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that are used to replace and steadily support missing teeth. These implants are placed in the jawbone and fuse with the jawbone, acting as natural tooth roots. In this way, the implants create a solid foundation and allow prosthetic teeth to be placed on them.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

  • Natural Look and Feel: Implants offer a similar look and feel to natural teeth. This allows patients to restore their smile in a natural and aesthetic way.
  • Durability and Longevity: Implants can last for many years when properly cared for and maintained. When applied correctly, implants can be used for a lifetime.
  • Recovery of Chewing Function: Implants help to restore chewing function by providing a solid foundation. This allows patients to comfortably consume a variety of foods.
  • Preservation of Adjacent Teeth: Like other restorative options, implants are not dependent on neighboring teeth and do not require cutting or damaging them.

Application of Dental Implants:

  • Consultation and Evaluation: The first step is the evaluation of the patient’s condition by the dentist. Tooth deficiency and jawbone structure are evaluated and an appropriate treatment plan is created.
  • Surgical Placement: Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone, usually under local anesthesia. This process involves preparing a suitable nest on the jawbone.
  • Healing Process: It may take several months for the implants to fuse with the jawbone. During this time, temporary dentures or other temporary restorations may be used.
  • Provisional Restoration and Healing Control: After the healing process, temporary or permanent prostheses are placed on the implants. The dentist checks that the implants and restoration are properly placed and functionally and aesthetically compatible.
  • Long-Term Care: Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene are important for the long-term durability and success of implants.

Care of Dental Implants:

  • Regular brushing and flossing is important.
  • It is important to perform periodic check-ups recommended by the dentist.
  • Hard and sticky foods should be avoided.

Dental implants are an effective solution to replace missing teeth and allow patients to have a safe and healthy smile. However, because every patient is different, it is important to speak with a dentist about treatment options and outcomes.

The application of dental implants can vary from patient to patient and depends on a number of factors. For example, the patient’s jawbone structure, general health status, and other medical conditions can determine whether they are suitable for implant treatment.

Surgical placement of implants is a somewhat invasive procedure, and the post-surgical recovery process is important. Patients may often experience mild swelling, pain, and discomfort for several days after the implants are placed. These symptoms are usually mild and go away on their own over time. Implants can take several months to fuse with the jawbone. During this time, temporary prostheses or other temporary restorations may be placed on the implants. It is important for patients to follow the dentist’s instructions exactly for the implants to heal successfully.

Permanent restorations to be placed on the implants are specially prepared in line with the aesthetic preferences of the patient and the recommendations of the dentist. These restorations provide a similar appearance and function to the patient’s natural teeth, thus allowing patients to have a safe and healthy smile. In the long term, the care of dental implants includes regular brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups. In this way, the long-term durability and success of the implants can be ensured. In addition, patients can avoid damage to the implants by avoiding hard and sticky foods.

In conclusion, dental implants are an effective solution for replacing missing teeth and allowing patients to have a safe and healthy smile. However, implant treatment is a process that involves a series of steps and requires a customized approach for each patient. Therefore, it is important to discuss treatment options and results in detail with a dentist.



February 1, 2024

Expérience exceptionnelle ! je recommande a 100% étant diabetique à insulino dépendant depuis de nombreuses années j'ai pu faire des implants sans complications grâce aux suivis de la clinique. Je suis satisfait du résultat !

Clayton Varey
November 27, 2023

My experience at Amazing smile was the…

My experience at Amazing smile was the best, my dentist made me feel so relaxed and so did everyone else at the clinic, everything from accommodations to transfers too and from the hotel to the clinic, would definitely recommend Amazing Smile 100%.

Paula Morris-Kent
May 13, 2024


AMAZING? More like ASTOUNDING!, meticulous, hygienic, informative! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I did my research. From the beginning communications, to the transfers, the accommodation, the OUTSTANDING dental work, to most importantly, fantastic value for an amazing price. If you are hunting for a beautiful smile that’s been missing, at a price that’s beyond measure in comparison to where you live, then STOP LOOKING! Amazing Smile is the one for you. I travelled to the beautiful Antalya, with a of anxiety, alone and disabled, but I was meet with the most warm wonderful welcome, put at ease straight away by Onur, ( who has brilliant English). I understood every day what the plan was, I never felt afraid or lost. Would I do it again? A thousand times over, don’t waist time any further, get the teeth you want, AST have what you need, and you’ll be so glad you chose them, as I am. I intend to go back for my check ups and take my son for his procedures. Oddly I missed all the staff when I woke up in my own home. Thank you Amazing Smile Turkey, you have restored my confidence. I feel human again 😆🥰. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Natalie South
November 27, 2023

Thankyou to Amazing Smile Turkey for my new smile 😃

Sallemi Rabah
June 19, 2022

Amazing smile turkey 👍👍👍 Je recommande vivement cette clinique. j'ai effectuer plusieurs extractions, des implant, et enfin met couronne, pour un sourire parfait 😁👌 Equipe formidable et professionnel qui vous rassure, répond à tte vos questions. un grand merci à toute l'équipe 👍👌😁

Jane Brown
June 15, 2022

I chose Amazingsmile as they were helpful and they gave a good price. I was nervous about going too Turkey by myself but they reassured me that they would take care of me the minute i landed .. I was met at airport and taken to my beautiful 5 star hotel and then was met there by Ates . He was my driver and interpreter plus friend .. He was so friendly so caring . He knew i was on my own and offered too take me shopping etc . Also was only a phone call away .. the dentist was modern and clean . Everyone who worked there was very friendly and if they could not understand you and Ates was not there we used our phones ..My dentist name was Ugur who done a amazing job on my awful teeth .. He even sang too me lol .. The treatment was pretty painless as they numbed your mouth up . I come away from there with a amazing smile . My confidence is so good now . I smile so much now . Absolutely loving life xx thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

Marie Summers
November 4, 2022

Highly recommend Beautiful place amazing clinic & staff Very clean and professional Made my experience easy Very happy with my new teeth Amazing smile amazing people

February 22, 2024

My Amazing smile

Came here last year for dental treatment to have implants, this is my second visit and my treatment was finished. It’s a lovely dental clinic and staff are very professional. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to get their teeth done to come here I am very pleased with the work they have done. They explained everything clearly and made me feel at ease all the way though my treatment. 5* service and I now have an amazing smile I’m proud off!

Matheo Stabile
May 28, 2024

Je recommande à 100% merci à amazing…

Je recommande à 100% merci à amazing smile turkey le transfert de l’hôtel à la clinique était nickel une accueil incroyable merci à la traductrice qui nous a conseillé j’usque au bout que ce sois pour les activités qu’on pouvait faire ou pour les dents. Merci beaucoup

November 17, 2023

Amazing dentist an all the people tha…

Amazing dentist an all the people tha work ther are amazing I have just had my teeeth done they are amazing , best dentist in Turkey by far ❤️❤️❤️

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